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Finding Hope and Purpose Together

Life Aid Research Institute seeks to improve brain health by researching and validating emerging technology and functional medicine therapies in order to create new treatment protocols. The whole health approach empowers resilience by combining peer support, technology, functional medicine, and community activation that will reduce suicide in military, veterans, and first responders. This integrative and evidence-based therapeutic approach utilizes objective quantitative analysis using data from before and after brain imaging.

LifeScore App is an interactive, fun, simple-to-use app addressing five whole health categories that contributes to an individual’s personal resilience with the intent on improving while also preventing suicide of those at highest risk. The app tracks five categories and one function: State of Mind, Food, Nutrition,Fitness, Sleep and includes a Cognitive Function assessment tool to improve brain health and measure neuroplasicity. More Info:

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The Situation
• 20 veteran suicides in the United States each day. 14 of the 20 are not users of VA services. (2014 VA study)
• People who die by suicide are frequently experiencing undiagnosed, under-treated, or untreated PTSD/depression. (National Alliance on Mental Illness)
• 50% of those with PTSD do not seek treatment, out of the half that seek treatment, only half of them get "minimally adequate"  treatment. (RAND study)
• 55% of women in the military developed a form of PTSD from sexual harassment and assault. (National Center for PTSD) and 76% do not report sexual assault (DoD SAPR)
• Veterans who live more than 70 miles away from services – typically those in rural areas - are twice as likely to die by suicide because they do not have the support network essential in maintaining a positive frame of mind

Our Goals1) Drive awareness about the need to reduce suicide in the Veteran and first responder communities.
2) Focus more resources, technologies, holistic therapies and evidence-based research to treat brain injuries along with mental health symptoms, not just mental health symptoms.
3) Raise money to fund research and programs that will lead to the development of a new protocol of care that will deliver faster, more effective outcomes for veterans and first responders.
4) Connect at-risk veterans and first responders with Life Aid’s community to restore purpose and hope.

The Founder - John Wordin1981 - 1985  
• College Football Player - CSUN

1986 - 2004  
• Professional Cyclist

1992 - 2002  
• Creator Mercury Cycling Professional Team
• 7 straight years VeloNews North American Team of the Year

2005 - 2007    
• Creator - Kids Fitness Challenge
• 10,000 participants at the annual Rose Bowl Event
• California Governor Fitness Council Program of the Year

2008 –      
• Creator Mental and Physical Rehab Program for Military and First Responders
• Design and build custom adapted bicycles for severely injured
• Creator DoD Warrior Games
• Creator of No Vet Alone Suicide Prevention Program

Advisory Board
Dr. Chris Whitlow: Chairman, Radiology Informatics and Image Processing Laboratory – Atrium/Wake Forest University  
Dr. Daniel Perkins – Professor of Family and Youth Resiliency and Policy; Principal Scientist, Clearinghouse for Military and Family Resiliency  
Jim Hart: CEO- NeuQ
Dr. David Root: Leading expert in infra-red sauna-based human detoxification.  Retired American USAF Pilot
Adm. Margaret Kibben (ret): Chief of Chaplains – Dept. of Navy
Honorable Patrick J. Murphy: 32nd Undersecretary of the Army, First Iraq War Veteran elected to Congress
Jurgen Heitmann: Director of Performance, Arena Labs – Over three decades in Special Operations as a Navy SEAL
Dr. Daniel Amen: CEO & Founder of Amen Clinics. Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist
Dave Edwards: President & Founder Primal Wear
Chuck Steedman: Chief Operating and Development Officer, AEG Facilities
Lee Rouson III – 2x NY Giants Super Bowl champion
Gen. Scott Rice (ret) – Director – Air National Guard